There is a different way of thinking about this Referendum debate and how the SNP Government has been trying to influence you:

  1. Do you really want to be like a nationalist? With the progressive ideas of others helping to hide their true intent, the Scottish National Party can appear to be a warm and cuddly version of nationalism, but do you want to vote like a nationalist?
    –  defining yourself by what you are against  –  in the SNP case, the United Kingdom and its people
  2. Do so many promises of free things, more things, and everything will be fine1, add up to being far too good to be true?
  3. Do you want to gain financially at the expense of your fellow countrymen and women – that is the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland – through an SNP plan of economic sleight of hand2
  4. Should we be more like Norway in Scandinavia3, or more like Scotland in the United Kingdom?
    – and isn’t the second option what we already are, and have successfully been for over 300 years?
  5. Are the SNP Government trying to mislead you?
    –  asserting as inevitable outcomes that are just possibilities, selecting facts that suit them  and ignoring the rest, misrepresenting their manifesto and propaganda as an official Government White Paper and  compromising the integrity of the Scottish Civil Service in the process
  6. Is there a risk if the SNP Government wins the Referendum, that they have to give up much of our independence?
    – through a deal with the European Union committing us to eventually adopt the Euro and  to become a  part of  Europe’s ‘ever closer union’ project
  7. Why do the SNP keep calling on those who will vote No, to produce an equivalent of the 650 page ‘White Manifesto’?
    – we know what it means to be Scottish and  part of the United Kingdom, because that is the life we live. We know all the good things about Scotland and the United Kingdom. We know why we are proud of both Scotland and the United Kingdom. We know neither is perfect, but they are both ours and happily so. We don’t need to write a book to know who we are.
  8. Does our country need to be smaller and lesser in so many ways, in order to become better? 4
  9. Do you trust an SNP Government that aims to confuse you with matters that are properly for an election, when actually asking you to break up your country forever? 5
  10. Why did the SNP Government produce a 650 page ‘White Manifesto’ and forget to mention the main thing?
    – that they are fundamentally against your country – the United Kingdom that Scotland is an essential and critical part of –  and against you, to the extent that you are happy to be both Scottish and British

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ordinary Man


1. All included in the SNP’s 650 page White Paper – really an SNP Manifesto – misleading you, not least in  presenting as ‘free’ things which are really just alternative ways of spending your money.

2. Taking the vast majority of the oil but leaving the vast majority of the debts – including debts incurred saving Scottish banks – so enabling the SNP to claim Scotland will be £600 per person better off, but without explaining it is at the expense of our fellow countrymen and women in the rest of the UK.

3. As the SNP now suggests, having previously proposed the Irish and Icelandic models before they failed so badly in the 2008 financial crash

4. Why after 300 years of standing side by side through good times and bad should we not care as much about the people of Birmingham, Newcastle and Cardiff as we do about the people of Inverness, Perth and Glasgow? Why shouldn’t we be stirred as much singing the National Anthem as when we hear a piper play the Flower of Scotland? Why must we choose between Glen Coe and the White Cliffs of Dover, between  enjoying tennis at Wimbledon and enjoying rugby at Murrayfield, between the New Forest ponies and the red deer of the Highlands, between the people of the Welsh valleys and the people of the Scottish islands?  Why do the SNP insist that to be Scottish you must turn against the things and people that you love? Why do the SNP want you to change who you are?

5. Such as promises for more childcare that could have been offered already.