For those who do not have time to watch First Minister’s Questions, I can provide what I hope is a helpful summary of the last many sessions, and for that matter future ones too. What follows is what I have learned from Nicola Sturgeon’s responses. Read more

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Everyone's flag

Flags can be wonderful, as enduring symbols of all that we hold dear about ourselves and our country, representing pride in the best that we can be. Yet, flags can be used for good or bad. Sometimes their meaning can be twisted to suit the ambitions of the few. Read more

Letters to the Editor…

Letters to the Editor

The letters pages of the Scottish press offer a lively forum for debate. Recent letters I have had published have covered a range of current issues Read more

Links for the Union
There are many very good websites, blogs and Facebook pages offering a tremendous commentary from the perspective of those in favour of keeping Scotland and the rest of the UK together… read more


WHAT IS nupateer.com?
nupateer.com is an ideas and campaigning website focused on Scotland’s positive place in the UK and the way that the SNP seek to undermine that... read more

Two Videos
Published by nupateer during the Scottish Referendum campaign but the issues covered are still as relevant today as the… read more & view videos