THE ’20/’21 SERIES


Over the last decade or so of often fractious debate, the views of many in Scotland have become increasingly hardened on Scotland’s big question - that is, whether we should remain in or leave the UK...Read more

- what the coming decade might look like if the SNP gets its way on independence


What follows is an imagined future for Scotland. From 2021 to 2031. A decade that doubtless some believe will turn out much better than the picture I have set out here. Equally, it could prove to be a lot worse...Read more

Next time...

The next instalment in the ’20/’21 series of articles will consider some of the many questions that Nicola Sturgeon would rather avoid...

Scottish & British


All your compassion,
and progressive talk,
means little or nothing to us
when we are not heard
...Read more

Letters to the Editor…

Letters to the Editor

I have now stopped regular letter writing – but here are archived copies of letters published in the press over recent years on a wide range of topics linked to the independence debate...Read more is written & published by Keith Howell – for more background see Info tab