1. There are many good people across Scotland thinking of voting Yes in the Scottish Independence Referendum for many very good and positive reasons.
  2. They are perhaps concerned about social justice and above all else want to build a fairer society in Scotland, in which the most disadvantaged are not left behind.
  3. They perhaps want to ensure that everything that can be done to give us a greener more sustainable environment is done, sooner rather than later.
  4. They are perhaps convinced that the quickest route to a nuclear weapon free Scotland is through independence.
  5. Each of these objectives are honourable and positive ambitions for our country. And there is no doubt that the SNP Government have put them at the forefront of what they are offering to those who will support their campaign for independence.
  6. There is a problem though in pursuing these positive ambitions for Scotland as part of a nationalist plan. For you end up trying to combine progressive social policies with divisive and negative nationalist ideology that is defined by being fundamentally against the United Kingdom and the people of the United Kingdom.
  7. Most people who care about social justice, a greener environment and removing nuclear weapons want these things for everyone. But the nationalists want us to break up the United Kingdom and turn our backs on our fellow countrymen and women. Indeed their plan aims for us to gain at the expense of the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, which means for about half of the people of Scotland gaining at the expense of members of their own families that live in other parts of the United Kingdom.
  8. If you want social justice for all, a greener and more sustainable environment for everyone, and a nuclear weapon free world,  it is arguable that trying to do so pursuing an insular nationalist agenda is the worst possible way to achieve that.
  9. Nationalists try to make people believe they are more important than other people – as if we need to set ourselves apart from others in order to properly define who we are, all with some twisted sense of patriotism.
  10. Nationalists are fundamentally divisive and the SNP Government in particular has shown itself to be ready to say and do whatever it takes to win people over and in turn achieve their goal of the permanent break up of the United Kingdom. Is this the kind of progress you want to be a part of? There are good people throughout the United Kingdom who share your passion and commitment for positive change. The SNP would have you turn your back on them. Will you?

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ordinary Man