When remaining silent is not an option…

The Scotsman - Tuesday 7th Feb 2017
As part of its 200 year anniversary celebrations, the Scotsman newspaper has invited a range of readers to contribute articles about their views and experiences of life in Scotland in 2017. I am delighted to be one of them and my first article has now been published… Read more

Letters to the Editor…

Letters to the Editor - Summer/Autumn 2016

The letters pages of the Scottish press offer a lively forum for debate. I have had a number of letters published over the course of recent months – most in Scotland but from time to time in the UK press. Read more


WHAT IS nupateer.com?
nupateer.com is an ideas and campaigning website covering a range of issues of the day, set-up in early 2014 by Keith Howell. The name ‘nupateer’ reflects the ambition to provide a… read more

Two Videos
Published by nupateer during the Scottish Referendum campaign but the issues covered are still as relevant today as the… read more & view videos

Scottish and British
A poster concept proposed to Better Together during the Referendum campaign by a good friend of mine- not used in the end but I liked it very much and it has a resonance as part of the ‘Long Campaign’

Best of the Press
A number of excellent articles in the press from commentators who follow the SNP’s evolving tactics, and regularly challenge the propaganda and rhetoric coming from the Scottish nationalists… read more

Links for the Union
There are many very good websites, blogs and Facebook pages offering a tremendous commentary from the perspective of those in favour of keeping Scotland and the rest of the UK together… read more