nupateer is a campaigning website set-up in early 2014 by Keith Howell. During the Scottish Referendum campaign, nupateer aimed to shine a light on the way that the SNP Scottish Government set out to mislead the people of Scotland, including its improper use of public resources in publishing nationalist propaganda under the guise of an official White Paper.

nupateer respects the right of all to their views, and accepts that many on the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ side of the Sottish Referendum campaign held their opinions with equal passion and believed the weight of evidence favoured their position. Nevertheless, after the clear Referendum result in favour of Scotland remaining in the United Kingdom, it is disappointing to see how effectively that outcome is being ignored by those who prefer to continue to look for ways to impose the views of a minority on the majority.

New articles are being developed for nupateer in the run-up to the May 2015 General Election. Amongst other things these will focus on

  • challenging nationalism and the tactics of nationalist politicians as pursued 
 by the SNP in Scotland and UKIP across the UK
  • how the SNP Government acted improperly during the Scottish Referendum 
campaign but have so far deflected serious criticism and avoided proper 
scrutiny of their actions.

All of the many articles, videos and other material published on nupateer in relation to the Scottish Referendum are still available on the site – now archived under the 2014 Scottish Referendum tab.