A number of excellent articles in the press from commentators who follow the SNP’s evolving tactics, and regularly challenge the propaganda and rhetoric coming from the Scottish nationalists. Here are links to a number that are well worth a read:

‘Where has all the money gone, Nicola Sturgeon?’ – Alex Massie, Spectator, 24th August 2016

‘Scots have not shifted to yes over Brexit, its the UK come what may’ – John McTernan, STV.TV, 5th August 2016

‘Scotland faces the challenge of Sturgeonomics and a financial black hole’ – Kevin Hague, Daily Record, 28th July 2016

‘Talk of Indyref2 is premature’ – Tom Peterkin, Scotsman, 28 July 2016

‘Still fighting the one party state’ – Brian Wilson’s farewell article for the Scotsman after some 200 articles from the start of the independence referendum campaign – The Scotsman 30th April 2016

‘Sturgeon has power to lift cloud of uncertainty’ – Gillian Bowditch captures perfectly what many in Scotland fear as we seem set to re-elect the SNP to government – Sunday Times 24th April 2016

‘Brickbats and Labour bashing just another week of the imperial SNPS’ – David Torrance on the SNP reaction to Labour’s tax proposals – The Herald 8th February 2016

‘Remember how much we owe Barnett-formula’ – Brian Wilson setting some context to how the downside of economic changes has been alleviated by shared resources across the UK – The Scotsman 23rd January 2016

‘Opportunities, not opportunism’ – Brian Wilson explaining how Scotland has a lot to learn from the rest of the world but the SNP are not interested – The Scotsman 4th July 2015

‘The great SNP divide’ – David Torrance explores the shifting attitudes between the gradualist and fundamentalist wings of the SNP – The Herald 15th June 2015

‘SNP’s whopping exaggeration on oil revenues laid bare’ – Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph 19th March 2015

‘The Teflon politicians doing their best to get away with it’ – David Torrance in the Herald 16th March 2015

‘Why politics in flux will produce unexpected alliances’ – David Torrance in the Herald, 9th February 2015

‘Fantasy politics just crumble when the harsh realities bite’ – David Torrance in the Herald, 2nd February 2015

‘How to stop the SNP – that’s the Unionist dilemma’ – Alan Cochrane in the Daily Telegraph, 5th February 2015

‘The new culture of control-freakery’ – Brian Wilson in the Scotsman, 31st January 2015